Senior Networking Engineer – Charlotte

Our client needs two engineers! We will either take 2 Sr, Network engineers or 1 Sr. and 1 more mid-Sr who can be a solid #2. This second option will allow the Senior person to be more of a team lead /manager.

Our client’s company was founded in 2000 and they employs 3,000 people. It is the country’s largest technology-driven sales and marketing company. Our expertise spans multiple industries including Home Services (security, internet, mobile, cable), Energy, Financial Services, Insurance and Software.

Our Network Engineers will own our network infrastructure from design to implementation to day-to-day maintenance. We are looking to build a team of people who can operate in a dual environment managing and troubleshooting our core Cisco Nexus system as they design and engineer our evolving Juniper network. The team will be responsible for routers, switches, firewalls, VPN and VoIP in a complex and challenging operational environment.

Requirements Include:

  • 8 – 15yrs exp supporting Cisco and/or Juniper Enterprise switches & routers
  • In-depth experience with routing protoclos; VRRP, e/iBGP, OSPF, and MPLS
  • Ability to design & implement Cisco/Aruba and similar wireless technologies

Preferred Requirements:

  • Self-motivated and creative problem-solvers
  • Certification in networks/Information Security (CCNA, CCNP, CISSP) & JunOS
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills

Duties Include:

Selling points for Network Engineer: • You will have the opportunity to own things, and the ability to influence change • We have data centers in ATL and CLT (on-site) • We’re going through a big refresh process, replacing older gear with latest technology. Our company is investing in tech – no budgets –so we essentially buy what we need • Our Senior person will potentially lead and grow the team across wired, wireless and WAN. • They will also be responsible for data center, infrastructure and cabling teams. Since we are hiring for multiple roles, calls will rotate.

  •  In this role you’ll get to work alongside our entire IT/Tech team, they all sit together in one area to create more of a team environment. If you have an interest in other areas, you will have exposure to those tech owners.
  • We are building our environment as redundant and resilient as possible – *multihoming internet, multiple carriers

*Multihoming is the practice of connecting a host or a computer network to more than one network. This can be done in order to increase reliability or performance, or to reduce cost.

  • Salary range $100,000 – $120,000
  • Medical Ins.
  • Dental Ins.
  • Vision Ins.
  • Life Ins.
  • Retirement
  • Partial relocation

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