Plant Accountant – Greensboro, NC

Our client is dedicated to its employees and they value their entire workforce and are dedicated to fair treatment, open communications and respect of every employee within the company. The client is committed to open and timely communication to all our employees, shareholders, customers and suppliers on all matters. Client communicates clear expectations, evaluate results, provide constructive feedback and reward performance, accordingly.

Our client is currently looking for a Plant Accountant for one of their locations.

Requirements Include:

  • 3 to 5 years Accountant experience
  • Bachelors Degree in Finances/Accounting/Business Administration
  • Foundry / production environment experience

Duties Include:

The role will serve as the plants accountant and responsibilities would be as follows:


  • Oversee Invoicing Accounting Assistant.
  • Make calls to customers to resolve problem issues (such as debit memos).
  • Contact customers relating to shipping and/or payment errors.
  • Research and write credit memos to be processed.
  • Post approved credits for returns, etc. to customer accounts.
  • Complete requests for credit references on customers.
  • Calculate Surcharge not invoiced in selling price for selected customers for month end invoicing.


  • Oversee Cash and Accounts Payable Accounting Assistant.
  • Complete requests for credit references from vendors.
  • Complete manufacturer’s certificates.
  • Prepare non-invoice monthly payments (commissions, leases).
  • Handle miscellaneous vendor calls regarding payment issues.


  • Exercise supervision over the maintenance of the company charts of accounts.
  • Account Reconciliation on selected accounts.
  • Journal entries, as assigned.
  • Prepare customer deduction accrual spreadsheet.
  • Review questionable items on financial statements prior to close.
  • Prepare and maintain capital expenditure reporting to corporate.


  • Oversee General Accounting Assistant.
  • Key contact on BLIS system.
  • Write BLIS queries, as needed.
  • Prepare annual fuel tax report.
  • Participate in budget process.
  • Miscellaneous customer requests and problem solving.
  • Assist in year-end audits.
  • Prepare annual property tax return to County.
  • Control and management of the computer for its efficient utilization.
  • Manage control over forms and office equipment.
  • Maintain and implement the Accounting Procedure Manual and the Computer Operations Procedure Manual.
  • Cross trained to perform duties of Cash & Accounts Payable Accounting Assistant; Invoicing Assistant; General Accounting Assistant; Cash accounting.


  • Salary Range $55,000 – $65,000
  • Medical Ins.
  • Dental Ins.
  • Vision Ins.
  • Life Ins.
  • Relocation – Partial

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