Lifestyle Executive Assistant -Aspen, CO

Our client is in need of a jet-setting and polished assistant who will look over their personal and business affairs. The ideal candidate will have worked as an executive assistant for a senior level executive in the travel, hospitality, PR, fashion or event planning industries.

The idea candidate must be enthusiastic, outgoing, polished professional who loves details and is charged by multi-tasking; we need someone who can keep up! This person solves problems before they arise, is quick on their toes, and sees tasks through from beginning to end. This individual will report directly to the owner to provide administrative support, keep his calendar, schedule appointments, arrange travel and monitor and manage correspondence.

This is a challenging and at times fast-paced position requiring an exemplary work ethic, the ability to multi-task with a sense of urgency, and infallible follow-through. Organizational and creative problem solving skills are imperative. He or she must be technologically savvy, extremely proficient with Outlook, Excel and Word, familiar with iPads, iPhones and exercise technology. They must work well under pressure and hold core values that align with those of the family and its businesses. The role is best-suited for a self-starter with a high level of energy, professional drive, the ability to function independently and a positive attitude. Must be able to travel extensively between Aspen CO or Napa CA and live in either location.

Role: Personal Business Assistant to CEO/Owner

Responsibilities Include:

* Provide outstanding administrative support

* Control correspondence, including managing emails, greeting guests, answering phones

* Ability to recognize company culture and the needs of the CEO

* Assist with projects and perform other duties and functions as required

* Proficiency with technology and Apps and adaptability to new technologies

* Schedule all personal and professional appointments in Outlook

* Pick up, open and distribute mail

* Forward mail and other articles to traveling CEO

* Coordinate all aspects of business and personal travel with travel agent

* Liaison between owner and variety of service providers such as: personal trainers, massage therapists, personal chefs and other subcontractors

* Check vehicles in and out to employees and guests and track vehicle use by user and purpose

* Advise CEO about upcoming birthdays or events: suggest, procure and send appropriate gifts

* Facilitate phone/email coverage, including conference calls, message relay and daily call log

* Maintain speed dial function and contacts on Cisco phone and iPhone

* Monitor, manage and facilitate incoming/outgoing personal and business correspondence including dictated letters

* Manage and maintain all business and personal files, periodical information and subscriptions

* Communicate with accountant about personal and business expenses

* Order office supplies

* Send, receive and track UPS packages

* Track private jet use for accounting purposes

* Interface with IT personnel to ensure most up to date hardware and software for CEO’s use


* Liaison with fashion houses, retail stores, interior designers, architects and other consultants on business and personal projects

* Manage the purchase and delivery of gifts from CEO to a variety of clients and friends

* Send holiday cards and maintain holiday card and gift list (sent and received)

* Manage mass mailings of books, art, gifts in cost-effective and efficient manner

* Manage annual residency report

* Manage and update iPhone and iPad as necessary

* Arrange parties and special events. Keep digitized lists of party guests.

* Keep passports and other essential documents up to date and ready for travel

* Keep digitized records of all credit cards, passports, driver’s licenses and insurance documents

* Help CEO prepare for travel by: ensuring travel documents are up to date and packed

Role: As Corporate Management Employee


* Assume personal responsibility for understanding and performing duties following the core values of the family and its business

* Exercise high level of confidentiality, discretion and loyalty

* Anticipate needs of CEO and family and provide first class service to them

* Actively participate in planning and scheduling

* Share knowledge with team members to assure the right resources are utilized

* Maintain and update databases regularly

* Manage and track pertinent information on behalf of the family

* Provide options and information to CEO and family for optimal decision-making

* Act in the best interest of the family

Role: Team Member


* Notify supervisor of time off requests in a timely manner

* Treat others with respect and work well as a team for optimal efficiency

* Properly account for vacation and sick hours by accurately recording hours in Exponent HR

* Share knowledge with co-workers and household staff

* Maintain confidentiality in all business and personal matters


* Solid track record working one-on-one to support a high-level executive

* Minimum of five years of professional experience

* Four year college degree or equivalent experience

* Exceptional oral and written communication skills

* Maximum proficiency across IOS, MAC, PC and other mobile platforms

* Expert in Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Adobe Photoshop, Flash Player, Reader and Dropbox

* Highest standards of honesty and integrity

Salary range DOE $90k-$110k plus benefits

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