Facilities Administrator Specialist – Orlando, FL

Division: Manufacturing/Production/Ops          Required Education: High School or GED 

Hourly Rate: $50                                                         Term of Contract: 12 – 18 months

The primary responsibilities of the role are to program manage highly complex and risky infrastructure replacement projects. Expectations are to proactively identify program challenges and mitigate to ensure performance, quality, schedule and budget targets are met. The individual will be responsible to coordinate contracted teams, manage the communication plan, manage project budgets, oversee the execution of work for each phase of the project, and complete reporting.

The Facilities Administrator Specialist will support 4 major teams:

  • Internal Team
  • Engineer Firm Team
  • Commission Team
  • General Contractor including subcontractors teams

The construction of the building started in August, 2016 and is scheduled to be complete in 2/2017. Once construction is done they start setting up the Electrical Switch gears in 2 projects designates as Project A and Project B.

  • Must have detailed Project Management experience, they must have good Financial Reporting experience, RFI experience a plus.
  • Coordinating, Communication and Organization is key in this position,
  • Attention to detail and working in multiple projects at one time. Deadlines are constant.
  • 80% Administration – 20% in the Field.
  • Candidate should reside near working site. – No remote contractors for this position.
  • Will be involved in Presentations (including setting up).
  • Needs strong detailed documentation experience, including keeping notes in shorthand or fast notes.
  • Seasoned experienced candidate (Minimum 7 years exp.)
  • PMP certification is a desire.

Responsibilities/Expectations of Role:

  • Execution / Delivering on Projects and Commitments
  • Manage and allocate the appropriate time and effort to the following four project pillars to successfully deliver on commitments;
  • Quality / Technical Performance
  • Schedule
  • Budget
  • Project team health.
  • Demonstrate the ability to manage multiple initiatives simultaneously, leveraging your managerial skills to plan, organize, lead, track and re-plan work as needed to meet commitments.
  • Develop the organizational knowledge and relationships necessary by influencing key stakeholders and earn their trust, respect and cooperation.
  • Provide two week notice for all scheduled meetings requiring action (e.g. requesting design feedback, scheduling work, placing systems in outage, training and the same.
  • Status updates to follow regularly scheduled meetings as outlined below.
  • Demonstrate risk prevention and problem solving by leveraging your technical experience and skills.

Create and maintain at minimum the following project artifacts on the shared drive:

  • Comunications Plan
  • Cash Flow Analysis
  • Budget Variance
  • Action Items Log
  • Punch List Log
  • Submittals Log
  • RFI Log
  • Meeting Agenda
  • Meeting Minutes
  • Project Scorecard
  • Schedule
  • Critical Milestones
  • Two Week Look Ahead
  • Training & Transition / Close Out Documentation
  • Drawings & Specifications
  • Methods & Procedures
  • Lessons Learned
  • Communications
  • Build a team environment through leadership based on accountability, team culture, cooperation, and trust.
  • Provide weekly resource requirements, status updates, and site impacts during the
  • Weekly Operations Meeting

Provide the following communications for all activities that may impact site services and/ or normal operations:

  • Provide an email communication 1 week in advance
  • Provide a Yammer notice 1 week in advance
  • Provide an email communication the business day prior to the activity
  • Post signs prior to commencing activity
  • Verbally notify on-site individuals if horn activation, strobe activation, loss of power, loss of cooling, or loss of data will occur.
  • Ensure processes and procedures are adhered to and completed:
  • Change Management
  • Asset Management
  • Incident Management
  • Problem Management
  • Methods & Procedures
  • Safety Procedures
  • Physical Access Processes
  • Data Center Acceptable Use

Work Product
Minimize risk to people and data center services while planning and conducting activities.
Perform independent and thorough technical research as required to deliver work product against unfamiliar or weak areas of expertise.

Basic Qualifications

  • Program Management
  • Project financial understanding and tracking
  • Detail oriented
  • Good communication skills.
  • Experience leading complex infrastructure replacement projects.

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