Candidate Referral Program

You could earn $250 – $2500 for referring a friend or colleague!

Our team members are big givers!!! We believe in sharing the wealth when we receive a referral for a candidate who is hired by one of our clients. So, if you see one of our posts and know of someone who would fit there may be a Referral Fee offered.

Simply put… depending on the scope of the position you could earn $2500 for providing us with a qualified candidate. Here’s how are program works:

  1. Refer a qualified friend who meets our client’s criteria.
  2. Friend is screened by our team and presented to client.
  3. Should the friend complete the hiring process, offered the position and completes their Guarantee Period*, you will be qualifed to earn the Referral Fee listed next to qualifying positions on our Job page that have a $ next to it.
  4. A Guarantee Period is the timeframe in which our client has to deterimine whether a candidate is a good fit based on preformance. Our company provide our clients with 60-day and 90-day depending upon the scope of the role.
  5. Compensation for a referral is according to the symbol key listed below:
    1. $ – $250
    2. $$ – 500
    3. $$$ – $1,000
    4. $$$$ – $2500
  6. Payouts for our Referral Fee Program are 10-15 days after a candidate’s Guranatee Period ends. Should the candidate quit or be terminated by the client. The Referral Fee will be forefeited.

Good luck and we look forward to partnering with you!