Offers Employers New Tool to Support Downsized Employees

Digital platform connects recruiters, candidates in unique way for faster placements

Chandler, AZ – Layoffs are part of doing business and while the number of job cuts changes year to year and different industries are affected, no matter what company or who is being laid-off, the process is never easy. Severance packages were created to help former employees manage financially while searching for a new position, but today’s candidates need more than a paycheck to help them quickly identify and secure a similar job., the first subscription-based digital platform that connects recruiters with qualified and pre-screened candidates, is disrupting and reinventing how people search for careers and how companies make hiring decisions. Part of the platform is the Employer Outplacement Subscription, which enables employers to gift a subscription to downsized employees.

Many companies provide downsized employees with a list of job search resources, such as job board and the names of recruiting firms. But this information has limited benefits because job boards can be ineffective. Postings for open positions can be out of date, candidates’ resumés are sent to companies that are nowhere near a match for their skills and as a result, candidates, recruiters and hiring companies all end up frustrated with the process.

Created by recruiters, for recruiters, offers a variety of unique features not found in any other solution. People searching for a new career will discover is a refreshing alternative to combing job boards and networking with distant connections. Instead of being forced to present skills and personality in a box, also known as a resumé, candidates have the opportunity to control how they present themselves in a completely confidential platform.

Candidates can use video messages to showcase skills and personality, upload multiple resumés with personalized formatting, manage recruiter interest, interviews, and offers, all within one dashboard. There are also options available for background checks and personality tests, plus the opportunity to work with a vCounselor to optimize a candidate’s profile. vCounselors have backgrounds in Human Resources and/or recruiting making them valuable sources of insider knowledge on how to stand out from the crowd and effectively communicate a candidate’s potential.

“We are excited to be able to offer a 3-month Employer Outplacement Subscription to employees who are being downsized. As an added value item within severance packages, it will connect employees directly to recruiters for a cost of only $85 per employee,” said LT Ladino Bryson, CEO/CMO and Founder of

In addition to the implicit benefits for downsized employees, can help employers maintain a caring public image and decrease unemployment benefits payments, as former employees will have a higher likelihood of being re-hired faster by using The Employment Outplacement Subscription functions like a gift card. Candidates receiving the 3-month gift subscription will have 30 days to initiate the gift subscription and then have access to for 3-months. 

For more information about Employment Outplacement Subscription features and pricing packages, visit

About is the perfect recruiting tool and platform that allows recruiters unlimited search and communication capabilities. We have expedited the search, screening, interviewing and presentation processes saving valuable time and allowing recruiters the ability to increase their candidate submissions. is a 51% Women Owned Entity who understands the problems that plague recruiters and hinders candidate selection because our co-founders were recruiters.

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